UltraBook – The Future of Laptops?

by Siau Hen on November 5, 2013

Since the iPad, the future of laptops changed forever. Consumers now have their eyes set on smaller and more maneuverable mobile devices that provide an aesthetic look and unique convenience. To answer this demand, computer manufacturers are looking to produce laptop based computers that mimic the thin and sleek design of the iPad. Intel has coined the term ”UltraBook” to refer to this new generation of computing, and set specifications on what a practical UltraBook should offer potential customers in terms of performance as well as price.

The Goods of UltraBook

This ground-breaking generation of computers provide all the convenience of an iPad, but with higher performance and an affordable price-tag. As research and development continues to hone in on these innovative devices, many people are speculating the line between laptop computers and tablet computers will crease to exist completely. Below are some of the important aspects of the UltraBook computers that make them appealing to consumers.

1.) The cost of these computers, while still difficult for some, will veer sharply from the $4000 price-tag that many would put on a piece of a hardware that meets the same specifications. However, since the release of the newest MacBook Air that rivals
many of the hardware specifications for the UltraBook, which is priced at $999, Apple has proven it is possible to create this technology and offer it at an affordable price.

2.) The convenience associated with UltraBook computers is an extremely appealing aspect to the masses. Currently, the Asus UX21 is the only UltraBook that is set to be released, and is 7mm at its thickest point. A computer that meets these size specifications would not only be easy to carry around due to its phenomenal light weight, but also proves extremely easy to

3.) The specifications set for the pioneer machine in Ultrabook technology; the Asus UX21, exhibit powerful performance that rivals some of the most top of the line laptops available. Through this development, people will not only have a lightweight and easy to store computer, but a powerful one as well.

The Bads of UltraBook

1.) The sleek size of the UltraBook is extremely appealing solution to the fast pace demands of modern society. However, the size of these innovative computers can also be their downfall. The UltraBook is extremely fragile in its micro-thin state, and while it can take a few occasional bumps and dings, it is much more susceptible to long-term damage than traditional laptops.

2.) While UltraBook contains specifications that are phenomenal for the size and compact environment of the casing, there are unfortunate limitations that result. Advances in computer hardware and components limit the peak performance capabilities of the current UltraBook due to the sleek design. Some people might be turned away by the fact there are higher performing laptops on the market that in some cases, are priced less than
the UltraBook.

Why Should you Consider Buying One?

There are many reasons that go into considering the purchase of a UltraBook. The most important of these reasons is the overall convenience that ties hand in hand with owning a powerful computer that is lightweight and easy to store. Students and professionals that are in need of consistent computer access will benefit greatly from UltraBook.

What to Expect in Buying One?

Currently, price specifications for the UltraBook are set under $1000. Look for them at popular online and brick and mortar electronics retailers in September, 2011.

To sum up

Ultrabook computers will set the bar higher for manufacturers in terms of convenience and overall performance. While this might prove a bad thing for the manufacturers themselves in having to continue building upon past accomplishments in innovation and performance, consumers are truly experiencing an electronics Renaissance.



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