Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 15.6″ Laptop PC

by Siau Hen on November 24, 2013

The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 15.6″ Laptop PC is the perfect PC for your family to browse the internet, stream music and movies, or to use for a small business. It is very inexpensive and a great value for the money. It is fast, even when multi-tasking.

If you want a laptop that is portable, look no further. This laptop is very portable. It only weighs about five and a half pounds, a full battery will last for up to 5 hours and, with its size finding a laptop bag for it would be easy.

This laptop is a great choice if you have a small business as well. Work in Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Power Point all at the same time.

Build and Design

The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 15.6″ Laptop PC casing is flat black in color, making it resistant to dirt and smudges. The screen, itself, has a glossy finish, which could cause glaring. Aside from that, it has a nice bright display. The keyboard, keys and touch pad are also finished in a flat black. It has a plastic casing on top and bottom. Overall, it seems pretty sturdy, as long as it isn’t being slammed around, but that’s true with any laptop.

There is a plastic fan grille on the side to help ventilate the laptop. The speaker cover is also plastic. The plastic hinges are countersunk into the body of the laptop and appear to be very sturdy.

The keys on the keyboard are slightly raised and surrounded by plastic borders. This feature appears to make the keys less likely to get popped off and lost. The power button, on the other hand is slightly lower than the casing and less likely to come off.

Display/Touch Screen and Features

The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 has a 15.6″ wide screen display. The display features High Definition TruBrite LED Backlit Technology. The display supports 720p content, has an aspect ratio of 16:9, and it has a High Definition resolution of 1366×768. Unfortunately, this laptop does not come with a touch screen.

The C55-A5300 has a built-in microphone so you can talk to your friends online. It also has built-in stereo speakers so you can listen to the music you’re streaming. If you’re up late and everyone’s asleep, there’s a stereo headphone jack, as well. That way, you can listen to your music without waking anyone.

Ports and Features

This Toshiba has an RGB port, an HDMI output port, a memory card reader and 3-2.0 USB ports. It does not have a smart card reader.

It has such features as an HD Webcam, an 802.11b/g/n wireless network card, and 10/100 Ethernet LAN.

Keyboard and Touch pad

This computer has a US standard keyboard. It also has a dedicated 10-key number pad for easy calculating. There is also a multi-touch control, touch pad and pointing device. If you would rather use a mouse than the touch pad, it is possible to connect, via USB, either a wireless or a wired mouse.


The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 15.6″ Laptop PC has a 500GB HDD that operates at 5400rpms over a SATA host adapter.

It has an Intel Celeron Processor 1037U, in which a graphics card is integrated. The graphics card is operated by Mobile Intel HD Graphics. It runs at approximately 1.8 GHz.

This computer also boasts 4GB of DDR3 memory with a speed of 1333MHz to keep you computing smooth.

For those of you who like to burn your own discs, the C55 has a double layer DVD-SuperMulti drive.

Battery Life

The 6 cell Lithium-Ion battery will operate the C55 for up to five hours.

Heat and Noise

The C55-A5300, even when used a lot, stays cool and runs quietly.


Price– At around $200-$250, this laptop is well worth the price.
Cool and Quiet– It doesn’t get hot, even with heavy usage, and it runs quietly.
Battery life–Battery last for up to 5 hours.
Screen– Screen is large and bright.
Speed–This computer is fast.


Sound–Speakers have a tinny sound to them, no base.
Storage–Not enough memory, but can be upgraded to 16GB.
Keyboard–Keys are not backlit.

This is For Who?

This computer is great for students to do their homework on. It is also good for people who just surf the net or visit facebook. If you just use the Internet to check your email or if you have a small business and use Microsoft Word, Excel, or Power Point during the execution of your business, this is a good computer for you. You can even multitask on it without sacrificing speed. This is not, however, a computer that a person would want if they are a gamer.

Why Should You Buy it?

This is a great computer for the price. If you need a new computer, but you can’t afford to spend much money, this Satellite could be the answer to your prayers.

In some of the product reviews, people said that they even chose this computer over more expensive ones when they were thoroughly prepared to pay upwards of $600 for a new laptop. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of people who bought a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 15.6″ Laptop PC said that they would recommend it to a friend.

You may find a better computer, but you won’t find a better value for the price.

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Choosing the right breast pump is essential to producing the right amount of milk for your baby and not having the right pump can lead to sever skin irritation, dry nipples, soreness and insufficient milk supplies. It is irritating to not having enough milk for your baby. The right type of breast pump will make pumping quick, easy efficient and comfortable.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Breast Pump

1- Why are You Pumping

Is the pumps going to be used for an occasional supply or storage? If so than you do not need the most expensive brand. Is it to maintain the milk supply if so get a high quality pump. This is great for babies who cannot nurse or don’t nurse efficiently. Are you a working mom and need to pump at work, than you need an easy and convenient pump, possibly a double pump.

2- Type of Pump

The best way to determine what type of pump to get is to ask yourself the age of the baby, are you having another baby soon, will you need a single or double pump, will you need a hand or electric pump, lightweight or portable. If you don’t mind doing everything manually than a hand pump is your style, but if you want automated features than an electric battery operated model is for you. Get the model that fits your lifestyle. It is best to purchase a pump from a company that specializes in manufacturing breast pumps. Pumps can be purchased online and through lactate consultants. A good hand pump can cost under $50 and a top of the line electric pump can cost about $100 and up. A hospital grade electric pump may cost around $1,000.

3- Accessories

Accessories are great for helping you to use your pump more efficiently and comfortably. The pumping bra/band is great for offering a hands free bottle for collection; storage bags/containers are good for collection, storage and freezing milk; microwave bags used for steam cleaning pump parts in the microwave; breast shields which massage the breast during pumping and help to soothe nipples and increase milk flow; freezer packs/insulation bags; hot /cold freezer packs, gel packs that fit inside the nursing bar; lanolin ointment for sore nipples; and nursing pads for absorbing milk and preventing spotting, these are disposable and washable.

4- Where to Get Help

The best place to look for help on what type of pump to buy are lactation consultants, hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, childbirth education enters, midwives, nurses, WIC offices, obstetricians, pediatricians, and large breast pump companies. When searching for a breast pump make sure that the bottles that come with the pump have no BPA chemicals in them, this chemical has been known to cause health problems in children. The plastic bottles without BPA are stronger, solid and safer for the baby.

5- Breast Pump Features

The features that should be looked at when purchasing a breast pump are: suction settings, warranty, adapter/battery, single or double pumping, carrying cases, insulated storage compartments, pump weight, and LCD display and memory indicator. The warranty for a pump should be at least for 1 year, and it is a good idea to look for a model that comes with a battery and an adapter for the home and the car. The insulated storage is a key feature to look for; this is great for storing freezer packs and extra bottles. The pump weight is a major concern because if you are traveling a lot you do not want a heavy pump to lug around everywhere. Also a programmable pump is great you can program your pumping pattern and you never have to reset it. Lastly you want a pump that has suction that mimics a babies sucking motion, this will help to stimulate increased milk production.

6- Shopping Tips

Do the research and look at several options before making a selection. Be sure of your final decision because many places do not allow returns on breast pumps. Look at deals online there are great discounts there. Compare prices, warranties and suction settings, cycle speeds and look for a price match guarantee, just in case you see the same model cheaper elsewhere after you buy the item.

7- Breast Pump Safety

Always keep the breast pump clean and free of germs, wash the pump after each session if possible. Human milk can kill bacteria for up to 12 hours. If you are not able to wash your pump [parts then place the used parts into a clean plastic zip lock bag , seal it and store it in the fridge until you can wash it.

8- Workplace Tips

It is a good idea to pump during your maternity leave so by the time you get back to work you have a routine down. Get a double electric pump to save on time. Pump in a room with a locked door for privacy. Keep a strict schedule. Work while pumping if possible, check emails or something not too involved. Keep ice packs on hand.


Choosing the right breast pump may seem like a difficult purchase to make but by doing the research and knowing what your specific needs are the choices are narrowed down. The power source, the suction and the release are major points when searching for a pump. Know where you will use it, how you will use it, and when you will use it; this will help to determine whether you need one or two pumps a portable or a heavy duty pump. Hand pumps are great if you need occasional usage and the electric pumps are great for on the go and constant usage.

Every mom needs a break and the more things that can be done automatically and hands free the better. Remember when searching for a breast pump that expensive does not always mean better and cheaper does not always mean inefficient. Some less expensive models may have smaller motors, less suction and release cycles per minute but if that’s all you need than that might be right for you. The bottom line is you want a pump that is ecofriendly, high quality, efficient and affordable. Your individual finances will dictate the types of pumps you will be able to afford, but purchase the pump that is best for your specific needs.

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